Molecular Phenotype Screening

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Molecular Profiling

Think of the time and money saved by screening phenotypes as soon as they can spare a leaf instead of growing them to harvest, drying, curing and sending samples off for analytical testing. 

We test to determine what samples have the most copies of genes connected to product quality.

We analyze for:
OAC (olivetolic acid cyclase - responsible for CBGA)
THCAS (THC acid synthase - responsible for THCA)
CBDAS (CBD acid synthase - responsible for CBDA)
MYRS (myrcene synthase - responsible for myrcene)
LIMS (limonene synthase - responsible for limonene)

Sample Submission
Place a leaf in a sealed labeled plastic bag along with your email address and mail your sample to:

Molecular Profiling
co: ProgenyBio Agricultural Services
103-300 Okanagan Ave E
Penticton, BC V2A 8N3