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CanGenX™ BioTech Inc.

Our Story

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada came the need for new production technologies and practices. To that effect, we felt that our impact would be most profound by applying our extensive knowledge and expertise in molecular biology and plant science to the advancement of the legal cannabis space. Being a pioneer in this industry defaults to claiming first in a number of achievements in this newly legalized frontier. We were the first to develop a robust cannabis tissue culture system (Certified Stock™), without the use of plant growth regulators or antibiotics. We were the first to develop and commercialize the only true all-in-one cannabis specific nutrient product (MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients). We launched the first legal cannabis seed brand in the world (erbaceous™) and were the first to offer cannabis tissue culture starter plants to the home market (AAA PLANT DELIVERY). First was the easy part. Best is our objective.


Our Brands

We currently have three commercial brands available in the Canadian legal cannabis market. MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients, erbaceous™ cannabis seed, and AAA PLANT DELIVERY.

Beyond our commercial retail products, we offer a number of Molecular Services to growers of all shapes and sizes. Sex testing, virus/viroid screening, and molecular profiling services are available to all growers. Genetic cleanup and tissue culture storage services are available to Health Canada Cultivation License holders.

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